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2024-04-17 12:52




photos by Martina Orsini



«I won’t never stop learning to overstep the mark»



Photoreporter, storyteller, globetrotter, scuba diver.

Martina discovered her true passion with the instant camera she was gifted by her parents when she was a child. Now she travels around the world following and videoshooting the most exiting regattas even with drones.


«My father was a pilot and my mother an air hostess. In the golden years for air companies, my parents were frequently away from home for long periods of time and they often took me with them. So I started traveling from a very young age. I wanted to capture everything to remember. By writing, there are tones and details that only poets can describe. So my parents gave me my first camera. It was a small compact device with a film: it was enough to me. I could understand that a camera was the only tool I could use to express myself». This is the way Martina Orsini remembers her first child approach to photography. 
Born in 1986 and based between Milan and Cyprus, after graduating in Philosophy in 2010, she achieved a master’s degree in Visual Arts and started as a sailing photographer in 2012 during the Moth World Championship in Campione del Garda. Now she’s traveling all around the world following the most important regattas. Photography became her way of communicating and her language is a mild of strong and light sensations. She can hit with a very strong B&W shot, capture the heavy wind strength and the slamming of the boats, or tender the observer with a soft tone color slide. 

Her love for the sea and for water as a natural element is inborn. «I cannot remember any holidays I did not spend on a boat. The feeling of moving over the sea, pushed only by the wind, has become something intimate, a philosophy of life, linked to traveling and moving. That’s life to me and for me. I do not like remaining  in the same place for too much time: the idea is actually depressing to me», she affirms.